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“HER bridges the gap between Rock n Roll and electroheavy
pop where many others have failed, rapidly
moving her musical credibility towards excellence.”

HER is fronted by this sexy, open-minded, animal
lovin’, boundary pushin’, passionate being named
Monique. Monique hails out of New York City, where
she was always surrounded by the arts at birth. HER
dad is an artist on the streets of soho, and of course if
anyone knows about the art in soho, it’s some of the
best in the world. Fun fact is all of the art done for the
band is done by Monique’s father. So New York City is
where Monique’s love for music began, writing her first
few songs at 9 years old and performing at NYC’s
legendary venue CBGB’s at 13 years old.

Monique and her producer, Caleb “KBC” Sherman,
combined forces in Brooklyn to start an earlier version
of what is now HER called HER and Kings Country.
They ended up inking with Warner bros/ Electra and
had the single “White Trash Country Boy” chart on 26
of Music Row Break Out Charts.

Fast forward again, HER breaks away from the label
and starts an evolution of HER and Kings Country into,
well just.. HER. Releasing their first album
independently, titled – Revolution in 2016. Followed by
Chain Reaction in 2017, and newest album Black and
White in 2019.

To date, HER has performed in thousands of bars,
clubs, and even arenas around the world. Spending
months on tour in Germany, The Netherlands,
Switzerland, France and everywhere in-between. Being
the courageous high energy performer that she is, HER
brings back and reminds us of some of music’s greatest.
She has been compared to the female Steven Tyler a
grittier Madonna, the new generations Debbie Harry.
With her blondish white locks and bangs that hang just
below her eyes, she turns even the strongest guy and girl

All-in-all if you haven’t seen this band live before a) you
may want to reevaluate what your priorities have been
thus far in life and b) the energy level put on by this
band is something most in the industry would call the
“It” factor. Between HER vocals, performance,
engagement, and statements with wardrobe, you never
know what HER is going to toss your way. HER
concerts are full of shock and awe. And the next time
they are playing a show in your town, you should drop
everything you’re doing to go check out the energy
levels this band brings.

HER 2017 LOGO-black


HER Revolution PromoPhoto


Vocal / Tambourine


Lead Guitar / Producer / Effects

© HER / We Are Elevate